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There was no prize money for the winner and place getters in this year’s W.A Champion of Club singles Championship, instead the winner and runner up were presented with a small trophy to commemorate the victory. In the not too distant past the winner and placegetters have always received a small sum of money to reward their effort

This year’s winner however, will receive $500 by BowlsWA to assist toward expenses involved in travelling and accommodation to play at Taren Point in NSW in the National Champion of Champion series next October on confirmation of entry into that event.

In my opinion this amount is not sufficient to cover all costs incurred to play in the National event and should be covered by both BowlsAus and BowlsWA.

Sherro would like to see strict conditions applied to entry to play in the Champion of Champions in future.

The winner must agree to represent WA in the National series, which in turn decides who will represent Australia in the International Champion of Club singles Championship. If this condition cannot be met, then players would be ineligible to enter. Of course the winner would expect financial help to allow him/her to cover costs

Naturally enough, BowlsWA want the winner to represent our State at the National titles and if they qualify, enter the International titles and quite rightly so.

Bassendean’s Daniel Patterson made it to the National final last year, had he won he would have represented Australia in the World title series

To help overcome the lack of prize money for the event, Bowling Clubs that enter their Club Champion should be charged a $50 or $75 entry fee, which would allow for prize money to be given to the winner, runner up and equal 3rd’s.

A small sum such as this would not dent the financial bottom line of any club and would help defray the players costs for those who would have to take time off work to participate on work days here and Interstate

No doubt Some would say the opportunity to play in an event that has a world title at the end of the event is reward enough but costs are associated with an event of this magnitude.

The original vision of this concept was to give the grass roots bowler the opportunity to compete on the world stage, it has succeeded in achieving that.

However the event is not being supported as much as it should be by our local players, now with a lack of prize money it could further deter players from entering the Champ of Champs in the future

More on this issue, we have received word the National Champion of Club Champion Pairs is to be abandoned from 2015 due to a lack of interest by players from around Australia.
Monies not used for that event can be channelled into the Singles

Do our visitors regard the Champion of Club Champions singles as important event and worth saving